Bear Cruze G2 Review

Bear Cruzer G2 Review – Best Versatile Compound Bow

If you are a hunter, then you know how hard it is to get a decent bow. As the market has so many options to choose from, you can only buy one that will be perfect according to your bow hunting skills. In this case, the Bear Cruzer G2 Compound bow has no alternative. But, before purchasing have a good look at this Bear Cruzer G2 Review.

The Bear Cruzer G2 bow is our recommendation regarding the bow’s price, accuracy, mobility, and durability. Moreover, you get tons of accessories from bear bows or bear Cruzer bows.

So, we have decided to give you a Bear Cruzer G2 review, how it functions, and what benefits you get from using the bow for your next hunting trip.

A Brief on Bear Cruze G2

You are here to learn about a compound bow that is suitable for you and let you do your favorite thing, which is hunting. Well, after a great deal of market research, we came to know that nothing is better than Bear Archery Cruzer G2 in the case of amateur hunting. It has a lot of potential as a compound bow, providing great versatility to the user.

We checked all the necessary items, including the accessories; to make sure what we recommended is giving proper value to our readers.

Bear Cruzer G2 Review
Bear Cruzer G2

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow 

If you are looking for a compound bow, then our bear Cruzer g2 compound review article is the right place to start from. The bear archery Cruzer g2 is a versatile bow for people of any age. Moreover, the bow’s draw length is adjustable, and also it comes with six trophy ridge accessories. You will find the bow easy to handle, and the materials are good in quality.  High-quality products often cost high. But this one somehow is managing.

However, you will have to make those adjustments with an allen wrench which also comes with the package. It is lightweight and has a wider range that allows you to hunt from a pretty long distance. The Bear Cruzer G2 price is also very reasonable if you compare the features that you are getting. 

Our Ratings: 9.2/10

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Bear Cruze G2 Specs

Bow weight3 Pounds
IBO Speed Rating315 fps
Brace Height6.5 inches
Draw Length Range12 inches to 30 inches
Axle-To-Axle30 inches
Draw Weight Range5 pounds to 70 pounds

Key Features

  • You get a four-pin sight.
  • It comes with a whisker biscuit arrow.
  • You also get a stabilizer and a peep sight.
  • It comes with a quiver that holds 5 arrows. 
  • The design is very durable with EnduraFiber limbs.
  • It comes with an aluminum riser.
  • Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult Compound bow provides you with accessories from the ridge series. 
  • The bow is very smooth and quiet, which makes it a perfect weapon for hunting. 
  • It has a long-range capacity and shoots arrows 315 FPS.


  • It is Lightweight.
  • It comes with an adjustable draw length.
  • No need for a bow press and it comes with a peep sight.
  • Six trophy ridge accessories.


  • The strings need tightening adjustments before using.
  • Short Brace

Bear Cruzer G2 Review In-depth

In this world, we are all surrounded by fake things, including necessary daily items. However, if you want to get a compound bow, then the first thing you should do is to learn how good it is. However, that is why my team and I gathered a good amount of data to show you the basics and the details of this particular bow. 

Build Quality

The bear archery Cruzer G2 is very solid, and the aluminum riser keeps the weight at a minimum. It also has limbs from EnduraFiber, which provides long-lasting durability to the entire body of the bow. Moreover, the bow is flexible, and the strong limbs provide rigidity for a long-range arrow shot. 


The design of the bear Cruzer compound bow is stylish and good-looking. Moreover, you also get a room for customization. You have the option to adjust the draw weight from 4 pounds to 70 pounds. 

The draw length is also adjustable from 12 inches to 30 inches. However, you will need an Allen wrench to make the adjustments. The frame is lightweight and perfect for any young hunter to carry.  


The riser that comes with the bear compound bow Cruzer version G2 has an aluminum finish and provides durability, stability and also makes the bow lightweight. Moreover, the material of the riser makes it flexible and comfortable while hunting. 


The bear compound bow Cruzer G2 comes with an advanced grip that stabilizes the entire weapon and reduces torque while pulling strings.

Moreover, the grip also provides great accuracy and stability while hunting and moving swiftly. 

Draw Weight Adjustment

The bear archery Cruzer G2 adult compound bow comes with draw weight adjustments and also draws length adjustments. You have the option to temper with the draw weight from 5 pounds to raising it up to 70 pounds. 

Moreover, you also get the feature of adjusting draw length from 12 inches to 30 inches with an Allen wrench. 


The bow’s limbs are very durable and come straight from EnduraFiber, one of the leading bow parts manufacturers. Moreover, it also makes the bow more flexible. Also, it provides the extra power to send the arrows to a longer range.   

limbs of bear cruze g2

Noise and Vibration

The bow comes with RockStops suppressors, which reduce vibration while releasing an arrow. Moreover, it also limits the noise while hunting, which comes in very handy while hunting. 

Cam System

The model comes with MVI cam system. It is the main reason for the bow’s power while maintaining the option for adjustability. 


In the term of accuracy, the Cruzer G2 and Cruzer RTH are the best among three versions of Cruzer Compound Bow. Whether your passion is to shoot in tournaments or  3D courses, Bear Cruzer G2 and  Bear Cruzer RTH would be the best choice. Because they are well furnished for a smooth draw.

However, some people think that Cruzer RTH has a lack of back wall which helps to reach a high degree of accuracy, we will not discourage you to try this compound bow for hunting. We find very few versatile compound bows like these two.

Well, these items are best at their price and segment. I don’t think of any other bow with this much potential and has such a good deal. If you want to shoot a boar, you need something reliable and strong. You cannot use something out of anywhere and have success. However, watching Bear Cruzer G2 Review, you must have made up your mind. If you don’t then you should look for more details. You can get the Bear Cruzer g2 manual on the official site of bear archery. Such as a comparison between different products and items.

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 vs Bear Archery Species RTH vs Bear Archery Cruzer Lite

Let’s do a quick comparison on the other version of Bear Cruze G2 Compound Bow. It will be easy for you to understand the full potential of Bear Archery Cruzer G2. Well, the information goes like this:

NameSpeedDraw WeightDraw LengthWeight
Bear Archery Cruzer G2315 FPS5lbs to 70lbs12″ to 30″3lbs
Bear Archery Cruzer Lite290 FPS5lbs to 45lbs12″ to 27″3.2lbs
Bear Archery Species RTH315 FPS5lbs to 70lbs23” to 30”4lbs

You can see the comparison chart. These are the initials that make a bow incredible. It is just like the raw power and potential of a bow, and Bear Archery Cruzer G2 stands on top of its game. Well, if you look at the chart, one thing is sure that, the bear Cruzer bow review is better than others. The specs and the features are something different. But the main areas such as:

  • Draw weight,
  • Draw length,
  • Weight,
  • Speed

These are the best of all. The fun part is everyone can easily use this bow and find relevant results. The comparison also shows that names are not the things we should follow. For example: 

The Lite compound bow is heavier than the Cruzer G2; however, the draw weight and speed of the Cruzer G2 is greater than the lite one. Thanks to the easy reading chart, you can easily compare these three and choose your suitable one. But don’t look down on the other bows, as they are also good at their particular segment. 


Bear Archery Cruzer G2 accessories

Most of the bows that are for general people use come with different accessories. There is no exception for Bear Archery Cruzer G2. You see it comes with a hunting ready package that includes a variety of item that helps you secure a target. Those are: 

  • Sight: For better marking and targeting. It is one of the essential items that you will get from a bow.
  • Whisker Biscuit: It works just like an arrow rest, so you don’t have to worry about your arrow moving from place to place.
  • Quiver stabilizer: This will help your bow stay stabilized while you shoot a target.
  • Peep Sight: It also works like sight, but it gets attached in front so you can be double sure about your target.
  • Nock loop: Another essential item that allows you to attach the bow and shoot.

Well, these all items are special to Bear Archery Cruzer G2. You will be amazed that these simple items can make a significant change in the course of action.

Summary of the Review

The summary of the review is simple. You see, Bear Cruzer G2 is a splendid bow with a lot of potentials. There are a good set of accessories which are best for hunting. You will see a lot of bows having these same accessories. However, those bows do not deliver the amount of success this bow can.

Most people can find information on google. But you need something reliable, and that is why we dedicated our time to ensure you have a quality product. Bear Cruzer G2 review is a genuine review with no fake indications. This bow has good speed with no vibration and noise situation. You see, most of the bow companies claim this particular thing, but they fail to deliver. However, it is different on the hand of Bear Cruzer G2. This particular bow has a ground-breaking performance on the hands of skilled people.

We always recommend you keep yourself up to date with the world of archery.


Is this a good compound bow for beginners?

As we said before, this on of the few versatile bows on the market. It will suit your hand, doesn’t matter you are a beginner or professional. But if you find any difficulties to make an accurate shot, you may go to a local archery dealer and ask to adjust its few setting which will make it more comfortable to shoot for you. If you are a beginner we would recommend you to check >> How to Shoot a Bow and Arrow lesson first. Besides, have a look at recurve bows & crossbows as well.

Who is the manufacturer of Bear Cruze G2?

Well, a masterpiece like Bear Cruze G2 could only come from a master maker like Bear Archery. Passionate archery and hunting named Fred Bear founded Bear Archery (as the name indicating). This man was promised to make bows with the latest technologies in 1940. Since then Bear Archery giving us masterpieces one after another.

That’s All we had to say regarding the Bear Cruzer g2 review. We always recommend you keep yourself up to date with the world of archery. If this article is worth a comment please don’t forget to share your feelings. We always like to hear from you.

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