Best Broadhead for elk

Best Broadhead for Elk Hunting 2022

While hunting any big game, the only thing that hits the target is the tip of the arrow. To be more precise it’s the broadhead. Most importantly for elk, if you desire a professional and quiet kill, the first thing for consideration is to choose the best broadhead for elk.

Like other hunting gear, such as the crossbow and all, broadheads have various aspects to look at when purchasing the best value broadhead for elk hunting. To make things easy, in the following part of this article you will find how to choose the best broadhead for elk. 

Now, without further ado, let’s see which are the best crossbow broadheads for elk hunting.


6 Best Broadheads for Elk Hunting 2022

Muzzy 3-Blade – Best fixed-blade broadhead for elk

Muzzy bowhunting 3-blade head has a compact design for maximum performance and penetration, making it the best broadhead for elk hunting. 

First of all, this hunting tool includes Trocar tip with vented stainless steel build that boosts penetration and confirms the capability of bone-breaking power. Also, it makes the Muzzy broadhead a renowned name for stability while choosing the best broadheads for elk hunting.

Muzzy Broadhead
Muzzy Broadhead

In addition, with their 3-sided blades and hollow ground construction, they provide the outstanding penetration you require for elk hunting. Besides, the blades are each 0.2-inches long, and the cutting diameter of each fixed blade broadhead is 1-3/16′′.

Moreover, the shape of the shard enables simple construction and rapid release from a bow. And the 6-pack of Muzzy 3-Blades is reasonably priced, allowing you to consider expanding your quiver without breaking the bank. For real, that provides an added value to this hunting gear.

Muzzy 3-Blade Specs

  • 3 razor-sharp blades with a thickness of 0.02″
  • 1-3/16″ cutting diameter.
  • 100 & 125-grain broadhead
  • Aluminum Build
  • Weights 0.1 pounds


  • Easy to assemble
  • Vented stainless steel blades
  • hollow ground design for optimum penetration
  • The extreme cutting power of 0.02″ blades


  • Little bit weighty

Rage Hypodermic 2-blade- Best Mechanical Broadhead for elk

Rage’s most powerful 2-blade broadhead ever, incredible flight and penetration, bone-smashing hybrid tip, and razor-sharp primary blades generate big holes and short blood trails, making it ideal for use on lower energy setups or hunters chasing big game. Isn’t it enough for benign to be the best broadhead for elk? Let’s talk in detail.

To start, it comes with an incredible cutting diameter of 2 inches. So, quit all your 1-inch or a few fractions more diameters crossbow broadhead for elk. 

This metal wonder ensures optimum penetration with each shot, among other things. Even when dealing with the fastest elks, it guarantees you the most satisfactory kills. Additionally, the design of the swept-back blade decreases friction while maximizing penetration, which makes it ideal for larger game or lower poundage bow setups that require maximum penetration.

Rage Broadhead for elk hunting
Rage Broadhead for elk hunting

This is not the end.

This broadhead has a shock collar blade retention system that keeps the blade in place until it touches the Elk while hunting. This is the reason professional considers Rage Hypodermic as the best mechanical broadhead for elk. 

To add more about this mechanical broadhead, after the strike, the blades deploy and expand up to pull the prey down. The razor-sharp blade on the stainless-steel aerodynamic tip rips through the thickest skin for utmost destruction.

Rage Hypodermic Specs

  • 2 razor-sharp blades with a thickness of 0.035″
  • 1-1/2” + Cutting Diameter
  • 100-grain broadhead
  • Blend Material build


  • Accuracy has been improved.
  • The cutting diameter is quite sharp.
  • Even in high-altitude flights, blade placement is consistent.
  • The layout reduces friction.


  • Only 3 packs option available


G5 Outdoor Montec Broadhead – Best Broadhead For Elk hunting

The robust, all-steel structure of the Montec broadhead is combined with 100 percent spin-tested accuracy to create an unbeatable design. In addition, screw on and shoot, no components to assemble or change. Needless to say, every serious hunter wants a broadhead with this kind of performance yet with ease of use.

The G5 Montec broadheads are factory tested for flight characteristics like spin to give you a more trouble-free shooting experience, which is an additional beneficial feature.

g5 outdoor best broadhead for elk
G5 outdoor best broadhead for elk

Most importantly, you’ll want to carefully fit them because they are made of solid stainless steel and are designed as a single piece. They are also delivered to you pre-sharpened.

Because they are razor-sharp, exercise caution and perhaps gloves. Because of its sharpness, stainless steel durability, and cutting diameter of 1′′ to 1 1/8′′, they will provide you the elk-stopping power you require when it counts.

They are also available in grain sizes ranging from 85 to 125, making them the end of the world for a variety of prey, not only elk.

G5 outdoor Montec Broadhead Specs

  • 1” to 1-1/8” Cutting Diameter
  • Available in 85,100 & 125 Grains
  • 100% Steel Tough
  • Cut On Contact Design
  • Diamond-Cut Sharpness
  • One-Piece Construction
  • 100% Spin Tested
  • Pre-Season Models Are Available
  • Easy To Re-sharpen For Multiple Use


  • shooting is extremely durable due to the solid stainless steel design.
  • factory-tested for a spin, resulting in smoother, quicker, and more accurate flights.
  • You have a variety of grains, so your target is adaptable.


  • offers less value for the money than comparable broadheads because it only comes in a 3-pack.

Slick Trick Broadheads – Best Crossbow Broadheads For Elk

slick trick broadhead for elk hunting
slick trick broadhead

The best broadhead for elk hunting in a pro series is available in well-liked variations from Slick Trick. Utilize the Slick Trick signature series to stand out from the crowd. With the Slick Trick pro series, 100 percent stainless steel design offers more excellent protection from the elements than ever before.

Slick Trick Magnum Fixed-Blade Broadheads feature a low profile, 4-blade design for outstanding flight performance and powerful delivery after contact.

The versatile and tough Magnum, one of Slick Trick’s best-selling designs, has no moving parts for exceptional strength and durability.

These 4-blade broadheads include Slick Trick’s Alcatraz Bladelock system and a Super Steel hardened steel ferrule for a flawlessly aligned broadhead that offers great penetration and field point accuracy.

The four interlocking 35 of the Slick Trick “Blades made of Lutz German steel have excellent straightness, strength, robustness, and the intense cutting force that ardent bowhunters need. bone-splitting point, four edges, 1-1/8” cutting diameter

Slick Trick Broadhead Specs

  • 1-1/8″ cutting diameter
  • Simple, rugged design with exceptional performance.
  • Steel ferrule made of Super Steel
  • Alcatraz Bladelock system
  • 35 “Blades made of Lutz German steel are surgically sharp for extensive blood trails.
  • 4 interlock


  • short, low-profile broadhead design
  • has a 4-edge, bone-splitting tip.
  • Alcatraz Bladelock system holds blades in place for maximum performance while protecting them



Grim Reaper RazorCut Broadheads- Best Elk Broadhead of 2022

Because they are not the most well-known, it is one of the reasons I chose to write a review of the Grim Reaper Broadhead. Although I am aware that advertisements bring us outdoor programming, Rage Broadhead commercials predominate on hunting shows. This won’t be a piece offering pity for the smaller underdog business. This will be a review of a lesser-known broadhead for killing deer.

Extremely reliable and powerful opening. To expect such of a mechanical broadhead is unreasonable. The RazorCut is a superb creation from Grim Reaper. If you utilize these broadheads, you may anticipate clear pass-throughs and condensed blood trails. This broadhead is made without bands or clips, so it won’t open until it strikes the target.

Grim Reaper RazorCut

The blades are held in place by the Grim Reaper Razortip design without the use of o-rings or other hardware. A tension system spring underpins the innovative design, which maintains the blades firmly restrained until impact. The blades will fold backward upon collision. All of the entry holes I have seen are substantial. The fact that EVERY blade had been released at impact was more than obvious.

The blades are securely held in place by the tension spring mechanism. The quiver’s broadheads remained silent and rattle-free. Also silent were the arrows that were nocked and prepared for the hunt. There was no sound at all when the arrow struck a limb or a rip. Although normal bumps and movement have little effect on the broadhead, the blades do open quite easily with a push applied from behind. The Grim Reaper is a reliable and silent piece of deer hunting equipment.

Grim Reaper Broadhead specs

  • 1-¼” Cutting Diameter
  • 3 or 4 blades
  • Made with Stainless steel
  • 0.035 Thick 440 ss blades


  • Great Flight
  • Doesn’t Rattle
  • Lightweight and deadly
  • Does not need rubber bands


  • Likely to bend and can be impossible to reuse

Wasp Havalon HV 100 – Best Broadhead for Big Game

The Wasp Havalon HV broadheads have almost unrivaled cutting power because they are razor, and I mean RAZOR sharp. The bone-crushing Trocar tip pairs beautifully with the properly aligned blades. The three packs include two extra sets of blades, making them an excellent bargain. The exceptionally sharp, strong, and thin Havalon blades make them one of the nicest broadheads on the market.

Wasp Havalon Hv

The aerodynamic, ultra-compact, aerospace-grade aluminum ferrule of the new Wasp HAVALON HV fixed blade broadhead offers field-point accuracy and simple tweaking. The combined cutting diameter of the two is surgically sharp,035-inch thick stainless steel blades are 1-3/16″. Each box contains three complete broadheads and six replacement blades, the same as all Wasp fixed blade broadheads. they are offered in 100 and 125 grains.

In order to give bowhunters a choice that combines the technology of the two hottest brands in the market, Wasp Archery, one of the oldest and most creative broadhead manufacturers, has announced a partnership with Havalon Knives, the company that makes the sharpest, most versatile replacement-blade hunting knives in the business. The brand-new Wasp Havalon HV broadhead is here.

Wasp Havalon HV 100 Specs

  • 1-3/16″ Cutting Diameter
  • 3 blades
  • Made With stainless steel
  • Available in 100 and 125 grains


  • Extremely Sharp Blades
  • Accurate And quiet
  • Features aerodynamic 
  • Easy to tune


  • Inconsistent for some users

Your Broadhead Matters: Why?

Elk are powerful animals that aren’t exactly simple to take down with a bow, therefore best broadheads for elk are important. Bull elk frequently reach weights of 800 pounds and have been known to go a few miles before passing away from an unfavorable shot. Therefore, getting a double lung shot is really helpful, and choosing the greatest broadhead available can significantly increase your chances.

Can you use the same broadheads you use for deer and elk? most probably

Modern composite bows and arrows have some limits, yet they can readily sever through an elk or a deer. These bows can deliver energy with greater efficiency than ever before, but they must cooperate with your arrows and, ultimately, your talents.

You must take into account the energy required to propel and accelerate the broadhead to the target and deep into numerous layers of hiding, fat, muscle, bone, and organ when deciding which broadheads are best for elk hunting.

I prefer the weight of an arrow and broadhead assembly to be somewhere around 420 grains. If you didn’t know, in archery, a grain is a unit of weight, and to get the necessary kinetic energy to penetrate an elk, you’ll probably need a 100 or 125-grain broadhead.

When Does Broadhead Work Best For Elk Hunting?

Till now you got a the list of 6 best elk hunting broadheads. Now, this is the time you must learn when broadheads work best for hunting elk like a big game. 

To be precise, to get the best outcome from a broadhead you need to consider a few critical factors(ie. Accuracy, penetration, weight, broadhead type) while choosing the best broadhead for the next elk hunt. 


For bowhunting, the first thing that determines acquiring the target is accuracy. And a crucial fact is that it is located in the front of the arrow, the broadhead has an excessively strong impact on accuracy. To seize control of the arrow’s direction, the blades “battle” the fletchings at the back, acting like the fins on a rudder. Thus, two things follow:

  • The accuracy of the broadhead increases with its surface area decreasing and becoming more aerodynamic.
  • For accurate broadhead placement, a bow must be tuned appropriately.

The best broadheads reduce surface area and drag as much as they can, which lessens the impact of crooked flying (those bad shooting forms, weird angles, and poor bow tunes we discussed). The only ways to avoid wind catch are to make the broadheads shorter, narrower, have fewer blades, and/or have “smoother” transitions. They also penetrate more effectively as a result, but more on that later. The most accurate broadheads frequently have a shockingly modest appearance.

Ultimately, maintaining accuracy requires the ability to sharpen your broadhead while it is attached to your arrow. Why? The alignment is not guaranteed to be the same if you swap out your “practice” head or alter the blades. Even when I put the same broadhead back in the same arrow, I’ve witnessed very well-made broadheads shift their point of contact. Yes, it might not matter beyond 50 yards, but if you really want to go far, it’s a good idea to invest in an arrow you can quickly resharpen while it’s mounted.


The arrow completely departs the animal, leaving both an entry and an exit hole. The animal will drop more blood for simpler tracking and lose blood pressure more quickly (and ultimately die). Additionally, since the arrow isn’t still inside the animal, it is simpler to retrieve, and the blood (or gut residue) on it offers important information about the accuracy of the shot.

The design of the broadhead and the force of the arrow pushing it both have an impact on whether or not that occurs. Let’s presume you’re already shooting hefty arrows, as I’m a huge believer in maximizing energy transmission. Regarding the broadhead’s design, many of the elements that improve a broadhead’s ability to penetrate the air (accuracy) also enhance its ability to cut through it. Such as,

Width: More penetration is a result of narrower = less drag. Naturally, that also results in a smaller cutting area. There’s a reason why most states set a minimum width of 7/8″ for broadheads.

Number of  Blades: More blades = more drag = less penetration if you keep the width unchanged.

Blade Angle: It requires less effort to cut something the more “relaxed” the blade angle is (closer to parallel to the arrow shaft, or 0 degrees). That’s excellent for elk, as well as for archery in general!


For veteran hunters, this may come as no surprise, but you must use field points and broadheads of the same weight. If not, your arrow will behave differently and will not be as accurate. Even 25 grains will cause an arrow to fly unevenly and strike at various spots.

The most accessible alternatives are by far 100 and 125-grain broadheads. This is crucial if you misplace your broadheads while traveling or require new blades. Additionally, since the majority of commercial spine charts only go up to 125gr, tuning arrows might be challenging (and expensive).

Broadhead type: Fixed Vs  Mechanical Broadhead

The majority of the broadheads I suggest here have fixed blades. I am aware that many hunters prefer mechanical blades, but the truth is that a fixed blade has less potential for failure than a mechanical blade. Fixed blades have been well-tested.

My mechanical broadhead caused me to miss a shot opportunity, and I was furious with myself afterward. When I drew back, my broadhead had one blade front and two back because its rubberband had frozen. The bull had already fled when I stumbled for a brief moment to correct it.

The fact that mechanical broadhead blades cut on contact is another reason why I favor them. Since they don’t have to open immediately, the arrow has a little more power when it enters the animal since kinetic energy isn’t wasted on transferring to the mechanical blade.

I’ve seen numerous hunters drop elk while using mechanical blades, so they’re not altogether horrible. Larger cutting diameters produced by these motorized blades are often greater than those produced by fixed blades. This makes finding them much simpler because a bigger wound leaves a bigger blood trail on the ground. This may determine whether you find your kill or whether you lose sight of it and let it go to waste.

For those who prefer mechanical broadheads to fixed blades, I’ve listed four of them below. I can confirm the efficiency of the Rage Hypodermic broadhead because I have witnessed multiple elk being killed with it.

All things considered, fixed and mechanical broadheads for elk are roughly equally successful at killing an animal, but I favor the fixed blade because of its small advantages.


How crucial is penetrating power for an elk broadhead?

Keep in mind that elk hide is magnificent. In addition, an elk is a magnificent animal from head to toe, so it’s best to avoid getting too near for your shot.

This means that in order to maximize the bleeding, you need a deep penetration power to both a) penetrate the hide from a distance and b) deliver the broadhead through flesh.

What grain arrow is best for elk hunting?

It is simple to combine an arrow with either a single piece or a changeable blade. Selecting the weight of the arrow you want to shoot is a different matter. A.001 straightness arrow is typically offered by arrow makers. The Victory Rip TKO 300 spine with 60-grain stainless outserts is a common option. Depending on the draw length, this arrangement will place you around that 430 grain. A heavier arrow has several advantages, such as the momentum it carries with it as it moves through the game, encouraging additional passes through for better blood trails.

The one-piece heads have a sturdy construction and are long-lasting. They deliver good penetration and cut-on contact. A well-known and well-liked head is the G5 Montec CS. together with a few other businesses, such as Tooth of the Arrow. There isn’t truly a bad head. One-piece advantages include the strength and durability they offer. Hunters can feel at ease because of this.

To determine which broadhead best suits your style, consider SlickTrick and G5.


How important is the cutting diameter of a broadhead?

Really significant. With a broadhead, you can kill animals by wounding their internal organs and causing bleeding. This implies that the faster (and less upsetting) the kill, the larger the wound channel you can administer with a single shot.

You get a broader wound channel when your cutting diameter is larger. That means a faster death, greater bleeding per shot, and less blood trail tracking for you.

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