Best Recurve Bows Of 2021: Expert Analysis

You know, recurve bows are always one of the favorites in the archery world. I mean why wouldn’t it be one of the favorites? It is cheap, handy, and very good equipment for hunting. But which one is the best for you? No problem, that is why we are here to bring you guys the Best Recurve Bows Review. Let’s go.

Best Recurve Bows Of 2021: At A Glance

Southwest Archery Tigershark9.5/10
Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow9/10
PSE Razorback8.7/10
Southland Archery SAS Spirit8.7/10
KESHES Takedown Recurve Bow8.5/10
SinoArt 68” Takedown Recurve Bow8/10
TopArchery Traditional Recurve Bow8/10
Southland Archery SAS Explorer8.5/10
Martin Jaguar Elite Recurve Bow8.5/10
SinoArt 58” Recurve Bow7.5/10

Southwest Archery Tigershark

At first, the Tigershark from Southwest Archery is a real option for you if you look for a versatile recurve bow with positive feedback from customers. Simultaneously, it is a top recurve bow for hunting and very pleasing overall performance. Not only that it is also an incredible recurve bow for beginners. You can even learn to shoot a bow and arrow for the first time with this recurve bow.

Southwest Archery Tigershark Specs

Weight3 lbs.
Draw Weight25-60 lbs.
AMO Length62”
Draw LengthUp to 30”
Brace Height7.75-8.5 Inches
Riser FinishSatinwood
Hand OrientationBoth Hand Oriented

Southwest Archery Tigershark Review in Detail

At the first position, it is a great starter bow because of its low price and wide draw range. It is lightweight and compact and can be used by both left and right-handed users. Engineers who made the Samick Sage also made the Tigershark. Nevertheless, it carries most of the qualities and aspects of the Sage with a better and new look.

southwest archery tigershark recurve bow set

Additionally, it is a starter bow with which you can work your way up to professional level bowhunting. It also has some quality features which makes it a high-quality recurve bow. For example, the grip, which remains warm in winter. But it is recommended to replace the string with something of higher quality. It has an AMO length of 62 inches. This is why tall archers can use it too. It also has a very wide range of draw weight which is from 25 lbs. all the way up to 60 lbs. in 5 lbs. increments.

Most importantly, the takedown for this bow is also pretty easy. That’s why it is very portable and easily maneuverable. It is easy to get in range and out of it. It only requires an Allen Wrench to remove the limbs.



  • Pre-Installed bushing
  • Bot hand oriented
  • Come with a complete arrow set
  • Easily maneuverable
  • Easy to assemble


String quality isn’t all that good

Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow

Similarly, bear Grizzly is a bow written in the history books. It has been around since about the 1950s for bear hunting. Its last design was made by Mr.Bear in 1964. Still, it is a high-quality recurve bow. It is a top recurve bow for bear hunting.

Bear Grizzly Recurve Specs

Weight3.5 lbs.
Draw WeightRight Hand: 20-60 lbs. Left Hand: 35-55 lbs.
AMO Length50”
Draw LengthUp to 29”
Brace Height7.5-8.5 Inches
Riser FinishWood, Hard Rock Maple (Futurewood)
Hand OrientationBoth Hand Oriented
bear grizzly recurve bow

Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow Review In-Depth

Needless to say, Bear Grizzly is one of the best recurve bows for hunting. It comes in one piece. So you don’t need any tools to set up the bow. It is still a very strong, durable, and firm bow. Besides, Bear Grizzly has been using the same blueprint since 1964 but it included a new manufacturing process in 1970 to make futurewood. However, the ‘Futurewood’ is durable but yet very flexible which gives the bow so much power to hunt down big animals like a bear of course. It comes with a handy-dandy three-year warranty.

The arrow rest is made with bear hair but still holds the classic look and feel. The riser protector is made of leather. This is a very traditional bow. If you are looking for a traditional yet strong and flexible bow, then this is the one.


  • Flemish Twist String
  • Beautiful and historic design
  • Accurate and quite
  • Awesome for hunting
  • Three-year warranty


  • Not a takedown bow

PSE Razorback

Backing up the name the PSE Razorback is one the coolest looking recurve bow out there. It is good for beginners and a really cool feature about this bow is there is a youth version of this bow available (PSE Razorback Jr.) which can be used by young archers and also in archery schools. It has a draw weight of 35 lbs. which is indeed great for recreational target practice. But it is not enough poundage for hunters. However, you will find some basic accessories with the package.

PSE Razorback Specs

Weight2.5 lbs.
Draw Weight20-35 lbs.
AMO Length62”
Draw LengthUp to 30”
Brace Height7.5-8 Inches
Riser FinishWood laminated walnut, nurmawhite, and beech
Hand OrientationBoth Hand Oriented

PSE Razorback Review In-Depth

pse razorback recurve bow

Firstly, this is a very cheap option for a beginner who is starting out. The youth model (Razorback Jr.) is a great option for young and small archers. But if you’re looking for a professional hunting bow that this is not for you. As it can only go up to 35 lbs. which is clearly not enough poundage for hunting any animals. But it is good for target practice.

PSE is the largest archery equipment manufacturers in the world. You can understand that by looking at their products. It is truly magnificent. The riser of this bow is incredibly strong and the fiberglass limbs keep the shooting so accurate too. But the limbs are white and do not have any camo which is another reason for it not being good at hunting.

If you are looking to introduce yourself to archery then this is a good bow. It comes with an archery equipment mount. With this, you can mount different sights and stabilizers.


  • Cheap
  • World’s Largest archery manufacturers
  • Strong Riser
  • Tool-Free
  • Sight and stabilizer mount
  • Youth model


  • Not good for hunting
  • White limbs
  • Usually ships without arrow rest and stringer

Southland Archery SAS Spirit

Next, let’s talk about the SAS Spirit is very versatile and easily adaptable recurve. This is why it stands out from any other best recurve bows out there. The versatility it possesses is truly magnificent. In other words, It is a great crossbow for beginners. Its style is very unmatchable, too. These qualities make it a good recurve bow and it makes it to the best recurve bow review.

Southland Archery SAS Spirit Specs

Weight2.5 lbs.
Draw Weight18,22,24,25,28,30,32,34,36 lbs.
AMO Length62”
Brace Height7-7.5 Inches
Riser FinishChuglam, Gmelina Arborea and Beech
Hand OrientationBoth Hand Oriented
southland archery sas spirit recurve bow

Southland Archery SAS Spirit Review In-Depth

The SAS Spirit is a straightforward and low-cost option for you to consider if you are looking to get used to archery before switching to a more expensive and fancier replacement.

The riser of the SAS Spirit is made from chuglam, gmelina Arborea, and beech. These are Asian trees that give the bow a classic wood finish. It is both good-looking and strong. SAS Spirit also has a very comfortable grip for new archers.

It has a pretty low draw weight which is from 18 lbs. to 36 lbs. in pound increment. But it’s highly adjustable and customizable. That is why it is good for target practicing but not for pro-level hunting.

Last but certainly not least is its warranty. It has a three-year warranty given by SAS. That is very impressive considering the price tag it holds.


  • Very affordable
  • Durable wooden riser
  • Comfortable grip
  • Tool-Free takedown
  • Three-Year Warranty


  • White Limbs
  • Low Draw weight range

KESHES Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

If you are looking for a bow to use as a beginner or a young archer then KESHES Takedown recurves bow. It is a good recurve bow for beginners as it has a draw weight of 15 lbs. to 50 lbs. Which is massive. So it can be used for both beginners practicing and even hunting trips. So that is why we included it in our best recurve bows review.

KESHES Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow Specs

Weight3 lbs.
Draw Weight15-55 lbs.
AMO Length62”
Draw Length29” (Recommended)
Brace Height7.75-8.5 Inches
Riser FinishWood Finish
Hand OrientationBoth Hand Oriented

KESHES Hunting Recurve Bow Review In-Depth

The best thing about this bow it’s draw weight range. It varies all way from 15 lbs. to 55 lbs. Which is not easily seen in this type of bow. Especially 15 pounds is almost as rare as Astatine! This is why this bow is not only great for beginners but also for children.

KESHES takedown recurve bow

The Riser of the KESHES is made of different kinds of tree woods. Which gives it a fabulous three-layer riser finish alongside durability and strength.

The limb is also made out of excellent quality wood and black fiberglass to make the limb very flexible and firm.

KESHES, the best takedown recurve bow comes with pre-installed brass bushing to allow future upgrades. It comes with; stringer tools, dacron stings, arrow rest, full eyesight, and a step-by-step assembly guide.

The assembly should be very easy if you just follow the instructions guide given by the manufacturers. It doesn’t even need an Allen Wrench to assemble because it is totally tool-free. In short, assembling this bow should not be the cause of any headache.


  • Wide range of draw weight
  • Cheap and High-quality bow
  • Tool-Free assembly
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • The bow is pretty heavy for youth

SinoArt 68” Takedown Recurve Bow

The SinoArt 68” may not sound or look anything extraordinary at the first glance. If you are looking for an expert bow but you are not willing to pay too much money, it is certainly a quality recurve bow for you. It is a pretty long bow so even if you are taller than six feet tall it would still work wonders for you.

SinoArt 68” Takedown Recurve Bow Specs

Weight2.6 lbs.
Draw Weight18-36 lbs. (2 Pound increment)
AMO Length68”
Draw Length32”
Brace Height7.1-7.9Inches
Riser FinishWood Finish
Hand OrientationBoth Hand Oriented
southland archery sas explorer recurve bow

SinoArt 68” Takedown Review In-Depth

The SinoArt 68” is available for the both-handed user which is a pretty big perk. The kits also come in for both-handed users. So it is definitely a factor you should consider. In addition, SinoArt is overall a very decent recurve bow indeed.

The hand orientation is not the only great thing about the bow. Its riser is made of quality wood. The woods are very strong and durable. It also gives it a very stylish finish. SinoArt has also been sanded and molded for added comfortability.

It is a good quality bow for target practicing and training but not the best recurve bow for hunting. The limbs are very strong and durable because of the components it’s made of. It has black fiberglass to ensure longevity.

The bow has a very unique design. The wood design makes the bow look very attractive. The SinoArt 68” has rounded limbs and riser to make look very sleek.

Keep in mind the bow is a starter bow even though it is very big. The bow has a wide range of draw weight from 18 to 36 inches. However, it doesn’t have any more draw weight after 36 lbs. So you cannot use it for long or even medium-range hunting games.

Meanwhile, it comes with a stinger, a scope, an arrow rest, and an arrow rest. The bow also has pre-drilled holes to fit the accessories which makes it hassle-free.


  • Good looking
  • Tool-free takedown
  • Several accessories come with the package
  • 68” AMO length


  • Low variety of draw length

TopArchery Traditional Recurve Bow

In the list of the best recurve bows, TopArchery is another great brand. Their products are mostly handmade. When it comes to TopArchery Traditional recurve bow it is certainly a great recurve bow and it is pretty affordable too. It carries a classic Mongolian horse bow look. The Mongolian horse bows are known for their fast arrow deliveries and compact design. These bows are superb for hunting and it is a budget pickup.

TopArchery Traditional Recurve Bow specs

Weight1.9 lbs.
Draw Weight30-50 lbs.
AMO Length53”
Draw Length28” – 31”
Brace Height6.25-7 Inches
Riser FinishWood Finish
Hand OrientationBoth Hand Oriented
toparchery traditional recurve bow

TopArchery Traditional Bow Review In-Depth

The bow comes with some top-quality recurve bow features. It has a simple all wooden medieval-type look. Which you don’t hate.

Firstly, It has a draw weight of 30 lbs. to 50 lbs. in 5 pounds increment. This factor is very important to notice. This range of draw weight makes it one of the best longbows for beginners. It is about 53 inches long. It is a lightweight bow weighing 1.92 pounds. The bow is totally made of top-quality wood. This is another reason why it’s very good for hunting. Its draw length ranges from 28 inches to 31 inches and has 16 to 18 cm of brace height.

Most importantly the riser is strong and made purely out of wood. The fiberglass limbs are also very durable and flexible. It saves the bow from a harsh environment.

The TopArchery lets you use the bow without any sorts of problems. It is great for both left and right-handed users.

It comes with a black paracord pre-string and a red and tan bowstring. The center of the bow is made of faux leather and it looks pretty cool.

It is a very quiet and accurate bow. Which is exactly what you need for hunting games.

It’s not a takedown recurve bow so it doesn’t come up with the need for assembly. It is a totally tool-free takedown and you don’t need to waste your time assembling the bow after receiving it. It is indeed good for archers who are new to the game and don’t have the knowledge to set up the bow properly. So with the TopArchery they can now just get the bow and start practicing.

There is no arrow rest that comes with the bow. However, that is the style they are going for and it is not a modern recurve bow. It is more of a traditional bow that comes with a good price. So if you are looking for a modern bow then this isn’t exactly the bow you’ll want.


  • Good range of draw weight
  • Super light
  • Comfortable grip
  • Traditional design
  • Compact Size


  • Does not come with an arrow rest
  • Limbs have the chance to separate from the riser

Southland Archery SAS Explorer

Needless to say, The SAS Explorer is a very good option for those archers who are tall and can’t seem to find a budget bow. This isn’t exactly the bow for big game hunting but it’s a top-quality recurve bow for those who are looking for a bow just for target practicing. It is a nice-looking bow with a low price tag. Now let’s see how good is the SAS explorer.

Southland Archery SAS Explorer Specs

Weight2.4 lbs.
Draw Weight22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34 lbs.
AMO Length66”
Brace Height7.5-8.25 Inches
Riser FinishPolished Aluminum
Hand OrientationRight Hand Only

Southland SAS Explorer Review In-Depth

The bow comes with a draw weight of 22 lbs. 34 lbs. So that means depending on your strength you can choose whichever model you want. The bow offers a lean learning curve which is good for target practicing.

The bow length is 66 inches which is certainly good for a tall archer. Even Southland recommends it for archers who are above 6 feet tall.

southland archery sas explorer recurve bow

This is a takedown model but it is not tool-free and needs assembly. But when you get the hold of that it can be very easy to assemble. That is another reason for it being a good pickup for beginners.

The riser is made of aluminum making it very light and strong. It is very easy to use and feels comfortable in your hand. It is a top recurve bow for beginners and low-key hunting and for practicing targets.

Durability is another great thing about this bow. As said earlier its riser is made of polished aluminum so it makes it incredibly strong.

In addition, the limbs are made of maple wood. It’s also reinforced with fiberglass. They will bend as you pull the string. So flexibility should not be the problem. This bow provides both flexibility and strength for beginner-level archers and archers who just like to practice targets.

Likewise to other bows, it has some downgrades, too. The bow doesn’t have any draw weight above 34 lbs. That is an absolute bummer. Nonetheless, that should be fine for target practicing.


  • Cheap
  • 66-inch AMO length
  • Comes in two colors; Red, Blue
  • Aluminum Riser


  • Available for right-handers only
  • Not much option for draw weight

Martin Jaguar Elite Takedown Recurve Bow

Martin Jaguar is a company dedicated to bringing you high-quality products. In 2015 they entirely changed their way of thinking and they undertook independent research with bow shop owners and customers to determine what exactly do archers want. This bow is a very good example of the hard work they put into their research and that’s why it makes it one of the best recurve bow nowadays.

Martin Jaguar Elite Recurve Bow Specs

Weight2.6 lbs.
Draw Weight29, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 lbs.
AMO Length60”
Draw Length30”
Brace Height7 Inches
Riser FinishMetal, Magnesium, Aluminum
Hand OrientationRight Hand Only

Martin Jaguar Elite Review In-Depth

First of all, the riser of the Martin Jaguar Elite is almost as same as the compound bow riser. A combination of metal, aluminum, and magnesium make them lighter and more durable than a bow with a wooden riser. It may not be as pretty but it sure is very strong and durable. The main concept of using a metal riser is to make the bow very light. This is the reason why Olympic recurve bows use metal risers.

martin jaguar elite recurve bow

Martin Jaguar features a Thermal V grip for the riser because holding a metal riser won’t be comfortable by any means.

Additionally, there are two variants of skins available for the Martin Jaguar Elite riser. Those are the Mossy oak and the Black Flame. Both are really good. The Mossy Oak skin gives the bow a nice camo effect whereas the black flame is more futuristic looking.

The limbs are made with laminate layers of wood and black fiberglass, the same as the Martin saber and Jaguar SF. Nevertheless, Jaguar Elite is standing out for its’ limb flexibility.

The bow has a pretty nice shooting mechanism if it is set up properly. It can shoot many times. In our impartial opinion, this bow is a lot of fun to shoot with. There is a little vibration in the bow but the noise cancelation is absolutely beautiful. If you can shoot well enough its range can compete with a compound bow with about 40 yards of range.

Lastly, The assembly process can be slightly painful as you have to locate the hole in the limb. The limbs can be attached with the bow with Allen key and screws. You have to place the limb and thread a bolt and a washer through the limb then locate the nut to tighten it with the Allen key. This can be a hefty process at first but once you get a hold of it, this should be pretty easy. Although it is not something you would want to do every now and then.


  • Two skins choices for the riser
  • IFL limbs supported
  • Metal Riser
  • Lightweight
  • Mounting Points for arrow rest, quiver, and scope


  • Available for right-handers only
  • Assembling and dissembling can be tough

SinoArt 58” Recurve Bow

The SinoArt 58 inch is another great recurve bow from SinoArt. It is indeed a great hunting bow. It comes for bot left and right-handed users which is a big dub. So now let’s see if this is the bow for or not.

SinoArt 58” Recurve Bow Specs

Weight2.2 lbs.
Draw Weight25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65 lbs.
AMO Length58”
Draw Length30” (estimated)
Brace Height6.8-7.8 Inches
Riser FinishWood finish
Hand OrientationBoth hands oriented
sinoart 58 inches takedown recurve bow

SinoArt 58” Recurve Bow Review In Depth

In the last place of best recurve bows, we are going to talk about SinoArt 58″ recurve bow. This recurve bow is available for left-handed and right-handed users. The manufacturers have really considered the lefties and didn’t leave them out. It is a feature that many companies ignore but SinoArt is not one of them. These kinds of features are only available in the best recurve bows.

The wooden riser finish looks beautiful. It is made out of very strong and durable woods and also gives it a nice look too. The bow is ergonomically designed with impressive rounded edges and also features an extremely comfortable grip. So props to SinoArt for that.

This bow features the German laminate technology to the limbs. This technology offers great toughness and durability. The limbs are made of laminated bamboo and black fiberglass. So it is truly a strong bow.

At last, there is a really cool feature in this bow related to takedown. With the takedown feature, you will be able to change the limb. That way you can change the draw weight when you improve or even decrease it when you are just casually shooting with the bow. To get the best possible shooting experience we would recommend you to use a real feather arrow with the SinoArt 58”.


  • German Lamination
  • Wooden riser
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Lightweight and easily maneuverable


  • Bad Assembly Instruction

How to choose a recurve bow?

When buying a recurve bow there are a lot of factors to consider. If you are about to buy a recurve bow you may have a lot of questions, such as; which recurve size is best for me? Which is the best hunting recurve bow? Etc. That is not surprising. And that is why we are here to show you which is the best recurve bow for you. So let’s get started.


Firstly, you should the price. Unfortunately, these days things are overly expensive. Even everyday products are getting more expensive. The same case also applies to bows. Some bows are not very good in quality but still hold a super expensive price tag. So be aware of that aspect.


The main factor when buying a recurve bow is the size and length of the bow. Some recurve bow lengths are good for hunting and some are good for target practicing and casual shooting. So you need to determine first which category you come in. Whether it’s hunting or casual shooting. But keep in mind that not all bows hunting recurve bow, some are actually made for casual practicing. Your bow should be your draw length plus 40”. Draw length is the point where the bow reaches its max draw weight. You can estimate your draw length by diving your arm span by 2.5. Let’s say, you are 6 feet tall with an arm span of 72 inches so your draw length is about 29 inches. So you will need a bow with a length of 68” to 70”.

Draw Weight

Another major aspect is the draw weight. So in short small archers need lower draw weight and taller archers need higher draw weight. Here’s a chart of recommended draw weight depending on the size and gender of an archer to choose the best recurve bow for you.

Frame and GenderBody Weight (lbs.)Recommended Draw Weight
Small Child70-10010-15 lbs.
Big Child100-13015-25 lbs.
Small Female100-13025-35 lbs.
Medium Female130-16025-35 lbs.
Large Female160+30-45 lbs.
Small Male120-15030-45 lbs.
Medium Male150-18040-45 lbs.
Large Male180+45-60 lbs.

Of course, these estimates are not perfect because someone can be small but very strong or tall but weak. So, it is better to consider as many factors as possible when finding the best draw weight for yourself.

If you are a hunter, you will need a bow with a higher draw weight. Because the higher the draw weight the more powerful the strike will be. The draw length and the weight of your arrow also affect the kinetic energy massively. So, keep that in mind. But most hunters prefer a draw weight of 40 pounds or more than that.


You can normally replace the limbs of a takedown bow. Changing the limbs is actually cheaper than buying a new bow. So, if you are looking to upgrade the draw length then changing the limbs is a good option. So you should always look for a bow that lets you replace its limbs as you progress as an archer.

Bow Range

The next thing is the range of the bow. The longest distance a recurve bow has shot an arrow is 1336 yards. But that shot was not that accurate. So, to find the best and most effective range for a bow you have to keep two things in mind, accuracy, and range. To find the most effective range you will have to shoot some arrows. Place some targets and move a yard after every shot. When it is hard to shoot an arrow accurately that is when you’ve reached your effective range. But if you are looking for hunting recurve bows you have to keep another thing in mind which is the kill zone. For example, a whitetail deer has a kill zone of 8 inches in diameter so you have to find the effective range to kill a target of that size.


Finally, you should consider the materials. If you are not buying a high-quality recurve bow then a wooden riser will be significantly cheaper than a metal riser. The wooden riser also looks pretty good, too. The riser can come pre-drilled with different accessories such as sight, arrow rest, stabilizer, etc. The riser which doesn’t come pre-drilled can be a DIY drill, but that may void the warranty of the bow. Before buying a bow you should know what equipment you want to use with the bow. 

Which is the best recurve bow brand?

First of all, Southwest archery is a fantastic brand thanks to their engineers who previously worked on the Samick Sage. They also make similar bows to Samick but making those in the USA make it a little more accessible to the American archers.

Speaking of the Samick, it is still one of the best recurve bow manufacturers in the entire globe. It is a Korean-based company. Nevertheless, it is quite popular around the globe. Their Sage model is the best-selling recurve bow available in the market.

But Precision Shooting Equipment or PSE archery is still the largest manufacturer company in the United States if not the entire world! It was established in 1970 by Pete Shepley who used to work for Magnavox as a product engineer but later decided to use his knowledge to manufacture bows because archery was his biggest passion. And now they are one of the best recurve bow manufacturers. They work in Tucson, Arizona.

Another American brand with history is the Bear Grizzly. They started making bows in 1964. They are well renowned for the technique they developed to make ‘Futurewood’ in 1970.

Lastly, Southland Archery Supply (SAS) is likewise a well-known American brand. You will hear this name in the archery world every now and then. Their Recurve bows are great, too.

Compound Bow Vs. Recurve Bow

Compound bows are better than recurve bows in most aspects. They have more tech involved in them. They are more powerful, accurate, and feature a more compact design. But still, many archers still love the recurve bows a lot. Mostly because of its history and the mystique they carry from the masters. They also look more stylish. Elite and veteran archers also prefer recurve bows a lot.


Which is the best recurve bow for beginners?

Answer: Overall the Southwest Archery Spyder is the best recurve bow for beginners, but the Samick Sage, PSE Razorback, and the Southwest archery Tigershark are very good, too. TopArchery Traditional Recurve is great for child archers.

Are recurve bows better than compound bows?

Answer: In our opinion, the answer is “No”. Because compound bows are really strong, powerful, and accurate. But still, many archers love recurve bows. Not only that many masters will recommend beginners to start with a recurve bow.

To conclude our best recurve bow review, we would like to say that archery is an art. As long as you give time to it, it will be returning something consistently. Also, as an archer, you should acquire as much knowledge as you can about the world of archery. Hope you liked it, and if you did feel free to drop a comment down below. Besides, if you have any additional queries regarding recurve bows, compound bows, crossbows, archery accessories, and or archery lessons, feel free to ask below. We will include them. Goodbye.

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