The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Review | In detail Review 2021

One of the best attributes of making the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro review was the fact that we could use and learn about this incredible bow. As you guessed already, today we will be talking about the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro. It is a hugely popular bow on the market. Now allow me to ask you a question;

What do the most successful companies and manufacturers do to keep their profile as high as possible?

The answer is simple, they improve their products. They analyze their products’ ups and downs and improve is as per. Well so did Bowtech (the manufacturers of the diamond infinite edge pro). They improved this bow and took it to the next level. So that is exactly why we are here to bring you The Diamond Edge pro review.

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Specs

Weight3.2 Pounds
AMO Length31”
Draw Weight5 to 70 Pounds
Draw Length13 to 31 inches
Arrow Speed310 FPS
Hand OrientationBoth Hand Oriented
Let Off80%

Key Features Of Diamond Infinite Edge Pro


The Infinite Edge has a net weight of about 3.2 lbs. Although there are other lighter bows but still 3.2 pounds isn’t bad at all. It is very comfortable and easy to handle whilst being incredibly strong and durable.


The bow is 31 inches long by our measurement which is a bit short if you are looking for a bow to practice target. But it is standard for hunting. Some archers may prefer a bit longer compound bow but it should work perfectly fine for hunting.

Dual Cams

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro features two cams on either end of the bow which is elliptical. You can use these cams if you are struggling to find your anchor point.

Draw Weight

You know when you see a feature in a product and you say to yourself that, “Wow, this is a kind of feature I most certainly need”. Yeah, that is exactly the type of feature the Infinite Edge has. It has a draw length from a minimum of 5 pounds to 70 pounds! Can you believe it? It is a great compound bow even for beginners. Because if you are a beginner then you want to start at let’s say 5 pounds. Then your strength increases and you put to 10 pounds then 15 pounds and so on and so forth. So this is a kind of compound bow that will improve alongside you. So you don’t need to buy a bow every one or two years.

Draw Length

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro has a draw length of 13 inches to a max of 31 inches. Which is a noticeable upgrade from the previous version. You can even adjust the length yourself depending on your height. It is perfect for archers for most heights. But if you’re more than 6’5” tall then you should look for another bow.

Arrow Speed

Another great perk in the Diamond infinite Edge pro is its arrow speed. It can deliver arrows at speed of up to 310 feet per second. Which is pretty decent. There are faster and expensive compound bows out there which can produce a speed of up to 370 FPS. But the infinite edge pro should be able to kill any prey (at least one of them) easily and humanely.

Let Off

It has a let-off of 80% which is very good compared to other compound bows at this price range. If you crank up the draw weight all the way up to 70 lbs. so with an 80% let-off, you are looking at a draw weight of 14 pounds. This is a very positive side of this compound bow.

Pros and Cons

In this part of the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro review, we are going to be looking at the ups and downs of this incredible compound bow.


  • Comes mostly assembled
  • 3 color options: Black, mossy oak, and pink
  • A very versatile compound bow
  • Adjustable draw weight and draw length


  • Comes with square grips
  • Needs tuning for hunting
Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Review In Details

In this part of the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Review, we are going to give an in-depth and detailed look at the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro compound bow. So let’s get into it.


The crossbow consists of a solid and sturdy riser which is made of aluminum like most other compound bows you can find in the market. The riser is a quite small one made with a skeletonized design and the addition of a small-sized frame allowing it to be very light. It weighs only 3.2 pounds. It is the perfect kind of weight for young, small, and beginner archers. Because the bow is too heavy and very bulky it will be hard to handle and thus it will get nearly impossible for beginners to learn archery with the bow. The riser currently has 3 camos available which are- black camo, pink camo, and mossy oak camo.


One of the highly-rated aspects of the Infinite Edge Pro is its limbs. It’s one of the major reasons for this compound bow to be so very popular and top-selling. This compound bow is very versatile and made with solid compounds. The Infinite Edge takes these limbs to a whole new level in the world of compound bows. Other compound bows have limb bolts that offer a different set of draw ranges but this masterpiece has changed it by turning the limb bolt so that you can adjust the draw weight from 5 lbs. to 70 lbs. That is a whole new definition of ‘AWESOME’.

Having this much draw weight is a fact that you can take advantage of. Let’s say you’re a beginner and never used compound bows. So if you use this bow you can adjust the draw length as much as you need so that you don’t have a problem using the bow and learning archery. And as learn and improve, you can adjust the draw length to your liking so you don’t have to purchase a new bow every one or two years.

By using it on a lower draw also allows you to shoot arrows without any big chance of damaging the bow. Another perk of this feature is being able to maneuver the bow easily. When you are moving the bow for a long distance you obviously have to disassemble it and you have to make sure to tighten both bolts on the limbs equally when you reassemble it. It’s pretty easy doing it in the Diamond Infinite Edge compound bow. According to Diamond Archery, the best way to do it is to tighten both bolts all the way and then alternatively backing out each bolt with one complete turn until you reach your designated length.

Cam System

The Infinite Edge Pro has an excellent cam system like the previous version and is a bit improved. The lads of Diamond Archery really did put some work behind it. They actually improved the draw length by an inch. Which was previously 13” to 30” and it has improved to 13” to 31”. This may not sound like much or very significant, but trust me this matters a lot in the realm of archery. This improvement is a sign by the manufacturers that this bow is for everyone to enjoy and not just made for kids.

Now you can watch teenagers buy this compound bow and gradually improve along with the bow. So that’s a big plus point. Talking about big plus points the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro has a special setting also that is called infinity/bow fishing setting. This is useful for bow fishing as the name suggests. This allows you to use the bow without any let-off and let you use the bow with most of its draw weight. This helps if several people use the bow and they prefer different draw lengths so they don’t have to adjust it every time.


Like the other features on this, the grip has some functionality too. But it is not over the top. I mean, this is not the kind of grip you would expect from a bow of this caliber. This compound bow has square grips. You may think that, “What’s wrong with square grips?” Well, the thing is bows with square grips can get a little uncomfortable to shoot with. But this shouldn’t be a problem if you get an aftermarket custom grip. This is not necessary but can help with comfort.


It’s not the type of bow which is too famous for its style. It has some camo though. The black, pink, and mossy oak camo. Other than that nothing really makes this bow shine a lot. So if you’re buying a compound bow just for its style and looks then this is not the kind of bow you need.


In this part of the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro review, we are going to talk about its shooting aspect. It is a bow that knows how to shoot an arrow well. It is good for both small and short archers as well as big and tall archers which is a real upside of this compound bow. This is not the best bow of all time in terms of shooting but most bows at this price range cannot really outshine this bow in shooting aspects.

The manufacturers improve this bow massively than the previous. If you use the two bows you can really understand the huge difference it serves. First of all the let-off play one of the biggest parts in the shooting attribute. Its predecessor had a let-off of 75% whereas the Infinite Edge Pro has a let-off of 80% which is massive. The more the let-off the lighter the bow will be and that will help with a very smooth and clean draw that will give the beginner a very nice first expression of the bow and they can learn well. The Infinite Edge Pro has a solid black wall too. Having a solid black wall means you will get an improved experience in shooting.

The noise is something you need to consider. Because it does not come with a string silencer. So if you are going on a hunting trip you might want a string silencer to be added to the bow.

The Diamond Infinite Edge SB-1 Vs The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

The two bows are similar. Yes, the pro has some improvements here and there but apart from that, it is mostly the same bow. The Edge SB-1 has a little smaller axle measurements which only goes up to 30”. And the other thing is its let-off. The Edge has a let-off of 75% compared to the 80% of its successor. That’s about it really. There isn’t any difference to talk about. The first one is actually a little cheaper than the pro with mostly the same features. So if you are looking to save some bucks then you should take a look at the Diamond Infinite Edge SB-1. It is worth a look.

Diamond Infinite Edge SB-1 Spes

Weight3.1 Pounds
AMO Length31”
Draw Weight5 to 70 Pounds
Draw Length13 to 30 inches
Arrow Speed310 FPS
Hand OrientationBoth Hand Oriented
Let Off75%


Summary Of Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Review

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is very suitable for beginner archers. It is highly adaptable and versatile. Most other bows of this price range are most like to not outshoot this fellah. But the thing is this bow is often marketed as a kid or ladies’ bow. But the adjustability is something that changes the game. The level of adjustments you can make in this compound bow is truly unreal. So you don’t need to buy a bow every one or two years. It will improve as you do which is a stunning invention in the world of archery.


Is the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro good for hunting?

Answer: Yes, you can hunt with this compound bow. In fact, it is very good for bow hunting. But you might just want to tune the bow before going on a hunting trip.

Is this bow good for beginners?

Answer: Yes. Because the amount of adjustability makes this bow perfect for all kinds of archers. You can use this bow easily even if you’re a beginner.

If you are a beginner you should also look at beginner recurve bows.

How to assemble the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro?

Answer: In order to do a proper assembly, check out the video tutorial below.


That’s about it for the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Review. It was a lot of fun in making the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Review. We learn and enjoyed it a lot. We hope that you liked our review and if you did learn anything from the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Review we recommend you check our other compound bow reviews. If you think our article helped you even a little bit then feel free to drop feedback in the comment section below. Besides, if you have any additional queries regarding recurve bows, compound bows, crossbows, archery accessories, and or archery lessons, feel free to ask below. We will include them. Thanks for reading our article.

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