Garmin xero a1 bow sight

Garmin Bow Sight Reviews

Are you looking for something unique or special? Well, Garmin Xero Bow Sights provide exactly that. It was pretty obvious that the features will eventually make their way to the archery world. However, it is still fantastic to be able to use those features by ourselves. Nonetheless, which bow sight is better for you? Or should I call them Garmin rangefinder bow sight That is what we’re going to find out today in our Garmin Bow Sight reviews? Let’s go.

Some Key Features of the Garmin Xero Scopes

Now let’s talk about some of the key features that the Xero Scopes have

  • Rangefinder: Having a Bow sight that comes with a built-in rangefinder would be helpful, right? Well, the Xero scopes provide exactly what you are looking for. We’ll talk furthermore in detail about this feature a bit later.
  • Recording Different Arrow Profile (Only for Garmin Bow Sight A1i): This feature is unbelievably helpful for hunters who hunt in different games. Let’s say you’re in a game and using a 400 grains arrow. But next week you need to shoot with 500-grain arrows. So, if you programmed the Xero and tune it for both those arrows that weigh different, you can toggle between those settings depending on the arrows you are using.
  • 2 Inch Field of view: It’s a pretty cool feature of the scopes. Sometimes the pins can really be a pain in the back. Even if you use like 0.019 pins or even 0.01 it still gets in the way. Which is really frustrating. But looking through the viewfinder without any unwanted objects blocking the vision would be really cool, right? That is the feature that the Xero scopes contain. It makes it very unfussy. Do you know what makes it even cooler? The ability to control the brightness. Wicked, isn’t it?
  • Being able to aim up to 100 yards: Now that’s what I call range. However, I would most certainly not suggest you to go that big if you don’t really know what you are doing.
  • Compensator for odd angles: It is great for tree stands especially. This is one of the greatest features of sight in our perspective. However, you are more than welcome to think differently. So what does it do? It measures the angle you are shooting your target from. It works out for every type of hunter. Like for instance, hunters who shoot downhill, hunters who shoot from tree stands, or even 3D archers.
  • Battery: It has very decent battery life. It uses 2 AAA lithium batteries. And from what the company says, it can be used for up to a year.

Garmin Xero A1 Bow Sight Review

The Garmin A1 is the first bow sight we’ll look at in our Garmin Bow Sight reviews.  It has an insanely high price tag. But does its feature clarify the price tag? Let’s see.

First of all the rangefinder feature. It is like the combination of a scope and a rangefinder. The rangefinder works like a regular rangefinder but is attached to the sight itself. The way it works is that you point at your target and press a button to clarify the range of your target. It can be accurate for up to 100 yards at the normal game and 300 yards at reflective target. It is a huge amount of yardage. Moreover, you can do it at rest or at full draw.

Garmin xero a1 bow sight

To use this feature all you need to do is just place the silent button in the most comfortable place for your finger to push it at full draw or at rest.

It provides an LED pin for your shot depending on the distance of the target. The LED pins allow you to see your target as being an obstacle in the way. A1 uses 0.007 pins.

The pins are fully customizable with different toggleable settings like single-pin, multi-pin, or manual pin settings.  

The A1 also has level indicators. They indicate if your bow is aligned correctly or not. These indicators eliminate cant.

The use of AAA batteries is amazing. It lasts for up to a year. But the thing is Garmin doesn’t include it in the package. You have to buy it yourself.


In this part of the Garmin Bow Sight reviews, we are talking about the specs of the Xero A1. Let’s get into it.

Weight14.72 oz (418g)
Display Resolution160×68 pixels
Display Size1.00″W x 0.42″H (2.5 x 1.1 cm); 2.0″ diag (5.0 cm)
Display TypeSunlight Visible, Transreflective Memory-In-Pixels (MIP)


  • Built-In Rangefinder
  • Incredible Yardage
  • Customizable Pin setup
  • Level Indicators


  • Extremely Expensive

Garmin Xero A1i Bow Sight Review

If it isn’t obvious then let me tell you in this part of the Garmin Bow Sight Reviews we’ll talk briefly about the Xero A1i. With a few differences here and there the Xero A1i is basically the twin brother of the A1. Well, it is obvious because the A1 is supposed to be the base version. But let’s check out the main differences and similarities between both brothers.

First of all, let’s talk about the rangefinder feature. It is basically the same. You setup the scope and the silent button for the rangefinder in the most convenient position for your finger to use at rest. Simple, isn’t it? It also provides LED pins like the A1. However, it has dual-color LED pins. Unlike the A1, which only has one LED pin color, it is red.

garmin xero a1i bow sight

The silent single-button trigger allows a hunter to use it with a minimal amount of movement. It helps to use the rangefinder while at full rest or at full draw. It lets you range up to 100 yards or 300 yards on reflective targets.

The feature that excites me the most is the Laser Locate feature allowing to use the Garmin GPS tracker. It lets you track the exact position where you shot the target or ranged it.

The feature to record different Arrow Profiles is one of the most unique scope feature out there. As we said earlier, you can setup this feature so that it will record the aspects of different arrows. It allows you to toggle the settings whenever you want, depending on what arrows you are using.

Likewise A1 the A1i also uses 2 AAA lithium batteries. They are pretty durable


Weight14.72 oz (418g)
Display Resolution160×68 pixels
Display Size1.00″W x 0.42″H (2.5 x 1.1 cm); 2.0″ diag (5.0 cm)
Display TypeSunlight Visible, Transreflective Memory-In-Pixels (MIP)


  • GPS tracker Feature
  • Recording Different Arrow profiles
  • Customizable Dual-Color 0.007 pin Setup
  • 100 to 300 yards of range


  • Too Pricey

Garmin Xero X1i Review

In this part of the Garmin Bow Sight reviews, we’ll take a look at a revolutionary but quite costly bow sight. It is the Garmin Xero X1i. You’ll know in a bit why I called it a revolutionary scope. So let’s dig in.

The X1i is the first ever crossbow scope that has an integrated laser rangefinder. It allows the shooters to shoulder the crossbow and identify the target. With a touch of a button, you’ll know exactly how far away the target is and when you range your target the scope will quickly calculate the arrow trajectory and illuminate a single aiming point with amazing accuracy from up to 80 yards! And you can do all this “stuff” with only one click of a button. The process is very simple- range, aim and shoot. Wow, right?

Garmin xero X1i bow sight

And this isn’t the only that helps the hunter, there are several other truly fantastic features. Like for instance- the digital bubble level. This helps the shooters to avoid tilting the crossbow right or left.

Another feature is the Steady Aim tech. It is a technology that tells you how well you are holding on to the target. And the Flight Apex feature tells you the highest point your arrow will reach between the bow and the target. This helps you avoid obstacles like- tree limbs and other objects.

This scope also uses 2 AAA lithium batteries. But the good thing is this time it is included in the actual package.


Weight1.9 lbs. (862g)
Objective diameter1.2” (32mm) diagonal
FOV5 degrees
Focus Adjustments+/- 2 diopters
Compatible deviceCrossbow


  • Integrated laser rangefinder
  • Calculate Arrow trajectory and illuminate a single aiming point
  • Steady Aim technology
  • Flight Apex
  • Dual Rangefinder triggers


  • Extremely High Price tag

Setting Up The Sights

Setting up the sight is pretty easy. You just have to attach sight with your bow and rough sight it in. After roughing it in, you can draw your bow and be astonished by the view that the Garmin scopes give you.

The pin and the reticles work like they’re on another focal plane. Likewise the front and rear iron sight of a shotgun or rifle you must line the pins and reticle. The pin works as the rear iron sight of a rifle and the reticle is like the front sight as if is half a meter into the far-field.

After ranging release the button which will only leave a single pin for you to aim with. This way you can focus on your target better.


The Garmin Xeros are great bow sight. They have amazing features and technology. Garmin Xero Scopes revolutionized the definition of bow sight. They are the ‘next gen’ of bow and crossbow sights. But the thing is they are just a bit expensive. You can buy a high-quality crossbow package at the price of these sights. So do they really justify the dazzling price tag they hold? Well, that’s up to you. So that concludes today’s Garmin bow Sight Reviews. Let us know in the comment section about your opinion on the Garmin Sights. Feel free to suggest us anything. Besides, if you have any additional queries regarding recurve bowscompound bowscrossbowsarchery accessories, and or archery lessons, feel free to ask below. We will include them ASAP. Hope you liked the Garmin Bow Sight Reviews. Until next time, Goodbye. 

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